How to Effectively Use SMS Marketing?

SMS messaging is a proven way to deliver marketing promotions and drive brand loyalty among customers at the same time. According to recent studies, it showed as well that merchants are able to acquire 25 percent redemption rates from offers they sent out. On the other hand, it’s ironic than even though it has been proven effective, text message marketing is underused. Visit this marketing company for more details. 

If you are considering to take advantage of SMS marketing, then it will be wise to follow the tips discussed in the next lines.

Tip number 1. Have a nice reason to send – never ever send text messages among your customers for the sake of sending one as no one would want to be bombarded by marketing related materials. Instead, you must think of the benefits that you could impart to your clients and to why they have to listen to you. In addition to that, write for your audience as this will help a lot in boosting your engagement rate from utilizing this marketing campaign. You must never rush everything and instead, it is best that you plan your content and keep your message clear and straight to the point.

Tip number 2. Make it personal – when talking about email marketing, you can generate a positive impact if you make the message more personal. Simply addressing your clients by their first name is already a good start and having segmented database lets you to write and send a more targeted message as per customer’s age, gender, interests, likes and dislikes.

Tip number 3. A call to action – be sure that you tell your clients what action they should do after reading your message whether to give you a call, visit your website or whatnot. Having a simple and clear call to action increases engagement rates from your text message marketing. Learn more at TECOBI.

Tip number 4. Proofread it – be sure that you have proofread the messages before you send it. Keep in mind that incorrect grammar and sloppy spelling makes you look unprofessional and this reduces the impact of your message. Likewise, avoid text speak at all cost because even though it saves on characters, not all people who’ll receive it can understand it. It’s best as well to limit your use of abbreviation and make use of the ones that are often understood like CEO.

Tip number 5. Test it out – you must keep records of the SMS campaigns you sent out and review which content, time of day or call to action works best. By using the same message time and time again is going to lose its appeal. Read more here:

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